Mike Jackson for Congress Texas CD 36 on “Got to Go” List

Mike Jackson, State Senator from the 11th District, wins the first spot on my “Got to Go” list of Texans who should not be elected or re-elected as Representatives or Senators in the upcoming state and federal elections.  Jackson, having recently announced that he will be running for U.S. Congress in the newly created CD-36, spent the last ten years in the Texas House. With his dismal voting record in the House, the last thing Texas needs is to send him to Washington, D.C. to create more havoc by helping to pass laws that infringe upon our liberties at the federal level.

Bi-annually, Texas Eagle Forum puts out a list of  the top conservative Texas Legislators  thanking them for “their commitment to Texas families on both social and economic issues.” You can be quite sure that Jackson never made that list. In fact, when it comes to voting along the lines of a Conservative Republican platform, you can see that he gets a big, fat “F.”

According to Texas Eagle Forum,  Jackson’s scorecard ratings based on his record of voting conservatively are as follows:

  • 2005 – 64%
  • 2007 – 60%
  • 2009 – 48%
  • 2011 – 64%

To give you just a few examples of votes he placed in the 2011 session, Jackson voted against the TSA Anti-Groping Bill (SB 7) designed to help protect our 4th Amendment rights pertaining to unreasonable search, against Government Reform (SB 202) designed to determine the success or failure of newly legislated programs or projects, and against a bill  (SB 14) requiring Photo IDs for voting.

And I’ll throw in another one for good measure just to show you what a nice guy Jackson is. He voted against a bill designed to strengthen cockfighting laws in Texas (HB 335.) Despite Jackson’s effort to the contrary, the roosters of Texas can breathe a sigh of relief. The bill was passed by the Senate and House and signed into law by Perry.

A couple of the bills Jackson voted for is Real ID (SB 9) which would nationalize Texas driver’s licenses and a Statewide Energy Plan (SB 15) which would create -you guessed it!- more bureaucracy.  Thankfully, the ID bill failed to pass the House but The Energy Plan was left pending. Starting to see a pattern emerging? Vote no on bills designed to protect our liberties and create governmental disclosure and yes on bills that are unconstitutional, infringe upon our rights and create more governmental spending.

I also did some research at Follow the Money, a national institute which shows how “money in state politics plays a pivotal role in shaping public policy in individual states and across the nation” and found the records of  Noteworthy Contributors to Jackson’s campaigns. (Click here) What I found was that he accepts money from PACs that are considered strictly Democratic, that he accepts money from PACs involved in the gaming industry and that he has received money from Dean of the Texas Senate John Whitmore who just happens to be the longest serving Democrat in the Texas Senate.

The money trail that is too lengthy for discussion here but very disturbing, to say the least. As I perused the records, I had to ask myself this question: Why would Jackson accept monies from individuals and PACs that certainly don’t ascribe to the Republican Party platform?  Hmmm…maybe because his voting record proves that Mike Jackson doesn’t ascribe to the to the true values of the Republican Party.

Check out his website Mike Jackson for Congress. The first thing you see is a pic of Jackson with a gun slung over his shoulder and the words “Limited Conservative Government” beneath. I got my first laugh of the day. So here’s my shout-out to Mike Jackson: “Hey, Mike – if you’re gonna talk the talk, you better walk the walk.”

Congratulations, Mike Jackson, as the first to make my “Got to Go” list of Texans in politics. You have really, really got to go!