Body, Mind and Spirit

Making the Connection

By: Karen Brantley

The Age of Technology came in with the roar of a lion, bringing with it dramatic changes that so greatly affected humankind’s relationships with self, each other and even planet Earth, that its effects were quite possibly more significantly felt than by all the previous events in the history of the world combined. Before its arrival, earth’s architecture – and man’s soul – had remained relatively unscathed since its inception, but technology quickly changed everything. Upon its arrival, it was given a hearty “hoorah” in greeting and quickly ushered into homes of anyone with a fistful of greenbacks, eagerly bestowed.  Awed by the bounty of such seemingly good fortune, the world stood momentarily slack-jawed, then quickly became enraptured.

Home – traditionally  a place of sanctuary and rest – became filled to distraction with gifts bestowed by the seemingly benevolent god of technology on a naive, unsuspecting world. Gifts given in such overabundance, caught the attention of mankind as they were held captive over and over again. Because of all the time required to soak in the the awesome spectacle of these brand new gadgets and learn their mysteries, people began  interacting less and less with one another, nature and even themselves. Reveling in the excitement  of purchasing their last gizmo or gadget, everyone was too busy concentrating on connecting cords to outlets, turning knobs and pushing buttons.

As the world’s pace quickened through the use of technology, our society, like many others, became addicted to busy-ness, . Busy working, playing, shopping, and more recently, busy interacting on social media websites, we have become so  busy – busy, busy, busy! If not busy, you must be lazy was the verdict of society and napping and daydreaming became guilty pleasures. Reflection and contemplation fell victim, as well, and was cast by the wayside.

A nagging sense of unrest soon prevailed across the land because the supposed happiness, supposed to go along with the gifts and by staying busy, was nowhere to be found. Many decided that more busy-ness would be the cure, but it brought no relief and many people became increasingly aware that the gift from the god of technology was a blessing mixed with curse. Although useful in itself, if misuse it resulted in creating an imbalance between the  body, mind and spirit, leaving the abuser feeling unhappy and restless.

Through increased awareness, more people are becoming aware of the mind/body/spirit connection and beginning the necessary work for achieving balance. Forgotten values are also being remembered, and healthy bonds are being consciously created between man, nature and one another. Contemplation is once again deemed valuable, if not downright necessary and real happiness and true health is once again being  found the only place in which it exists – in the harmony created by a balance of the mind, body and spirit.